Monday, May 20, 2013

Gettin' There...Almost!

Just posted a new update at kickstarter--for backers only this time. The above photo has the cat scratchboards so far. I've got three more on the drawing table in progress. Only have those three and about ten others to draw before doing all of the tedious edits, page arranging and then sending it off to the designer.  There have been numerous warnings about the weather today; severe thunderstorms, maybe tornado's and such. I've spent a lot of time today planning for the worst, and thinking of what is most important to me. Guess what that might be? I've scanned all of the above into the computer (and will probably send them off to dropbox for safe storage), I've got a handy dandy plastic tub waiting for all of the finished artwork, my big three ring notebook that has all of the information I've gotten from all y'all so far, and my laptop. So, just for laughs, you can picture me later today, tonight, or tomorrow, hiding out, sitting in the bathtub with Opal Mae the cat,a plastic tub full of art, paper and computer. And oh yeah, maybe a fresca, flashlight, and my smart phone. In case you think I'm being over dramatic, I'm listening to the radio and they're talking about a tornado on the ground in Oklahoma City...just a couple of hops, skips and a jump or two over the border from NW Arkansas. Hoping for the best. Whoo Hoo!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The End Is In Sight For Kickstarter Cat Scratchin Book Project

Here's what I have so there are 3 in progress on the drawing table. I've graduated to the second tier table. There are about 20+ more cats to draw and I am looking forward to each of them. I'm right on schedule, in fact, ahead of schedule for now. Still looking for a few cats who have not checked in with me...yet. I am hopeful that my pleading will prod those folks to get me the info. A gal can dream, eh?
These are all 5x7 Ampersand Scratchboard drawings. Working on 2-3 drawings at once has made me a scratchboard drawing a good way.
I'm happy, happy, happy. And oh yeah, since it's all over the place on the webs, Happy Mother's Day all y'all. I'll just say my relationship with my mother was "complicated" and so today is not so much a holiday for me, but a day of remembering how hard it was. Not really a "Hallmark" event for me. Oh well, I know I'm not the only one. And the "good old days are good because they're gone."

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Busy Scratchin' Cats...

The above is my current favorite Cat Scratchin' that was just finished yesterday. This is Lex and she enjoys going to the beach, but only in the Winter, as she does not enjoy dogs or strangers. Just one of many of the curious, quirky cats that will be in the book with their stories. I'm loving this project!