Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cat Book--Down To Details

Just in case you were wondering...the above is my living room workspace today. Stacks of paper, photos and such. This is the Cat Scratchin' book in progress. The stories have been printed, edited, and now I'm making corrections and formatting all in order to upload to the dropbox container. My book designer is on a river trip until the 11th so I have a few days to get all of this together. The artwork is done, the page order is decided, and so this is the last of it. I usually don't like such detail work, I'm more of a 'big-picture' kind of person. With the dog book I found a spot in myself that really, really enjoyed all of this nit-picky stuff. Go figure. I guess I've evolved with age. Everything is right on schedule for the book to be in my hands by October, and then in all y'all's hands soon after. I hope sooner, but no promises on that. I'm working on figuring out a few places to do sales/signings in Fayetteville and Austin.
The other thing going on is my 'experiment' to see if there is interest in posters of the artwork. Right now until July 22nd I have a kickstarter project to create a series of four posters of eighty dogs from the dog book. It's already funded, but I'm open to more folks/funding--check it out by clicking HERE. It's pretty basic, you chose a funding level, I send you posters. I hope to gather at least double of what my goal was. If it closes high, I will most certainly do a similar thing with the Cat Scratchin' artwork.