Friday, September 27, 2013


Cat Scratchin' books are here now and they look fabulous! I am so happy, and kinda slap-happy giddy too. If you were a part of the kickstarter project I will begin shipping your 'rewards' next week. If you were not in on the project (and I'm sorry you weren't) you will be able to buy these books at my etsy shop or by contacting me. There will be an ebook available on Amazon (and if I get it together the actual book will be available there too.) In the meantime, take a look here, and never give up on chasing whatever dream you may have. I'm so happy to have been able to do this twice now. And stay tuned, there will be a new book project in 2014.  I will launch a limited edition poster series project with all of the cats from the book soon at Kickstarter. Thanks!