Thursday, March 28, 2013

Working Like A Cat

I know the above photo is not a cat but I just wanted to illustrate the page layout for those folks who will have their cat and story in the Cat Scratchin' book. This page is from the Dog Scratchin' book. Those of you who are not in the book, please be patient, I'll try and entertain you later in this post. This page shows the max number of words, which is around 360. We will do our best to fit your story and photo on the page, but there may be some cropping and edits. If you haven't gotten your story or photos or both to me, please for the love of cat, send them soon. If you are technology challenged, I do have a PO Box you can send them to. Leave a comment here and we'll figure it out, or go to my website and email me from there.Now, for some entertainment: Oh crap, I've got nothing. That was a tease to keep you reading. Oops, sorry. All I can say is, I am working, working, working to pull this book together. It will take about 6 more months, or so before the actual product will be here. I've heard the cliché, 'I've been working like a dog' and I have to say while I know what the intent of that is, I'm not sure I've seen that many dogs work (OK, I know the herding and hunting breeds 'work'). And even fewer cats work, right? Although I guess sleeping, eating, pooping and killing small things after playing with them for a while could be interpreted as 'work'. So I'm working like a cat in the sense that I'm doing everything I can to not break a sweat. I am, however, making art from your photos and gathering your stories daily.
You can follow me on Instagram at blueyemonkey. I've been posting photos of progress on cat drawin' there.  I also tweet at LCSheets, and I'm on facebook (which honestly has gotten so boring I don't post much there anymore, but you can friend me anyway) My Linda Sheets Art facebook page is mostly empty because I just don't see the point and so haven't kept up with it. Go to the other sites if you want to keep up with it, and of course, here where I try to stay current. If you know someone who has a cat and would like to be a part of the book, send them my way. I have room for just a few more cats. It will require an investment, you can look at the kickstarter project for an idea of how much.

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