Friday, April 12, 2013

Art Making And Long Trips

I got to Austin last night after a long drive and will be here for a few days. I purposely didn't bring any scratchboards with me, just a sketchbook and a pen. I may do some drawings later, for fun. Currently I'm deep into doing the cat drawings for the Cat Scratchin' book. To answer a question about my process, here goes--I usually have two or three different drawings going at the same time--that's it. Work a little here, set it aside, scratch on another, back to the first, and then on to yet another. While that may seem like it lacks focus, it actually seems to help me to stay interested. I find I get a bit bored doing the same thing for any length of time. Typical Aries behavior. The above is the beginning of a long haired Tortie. I still have much to do and I've decided this time to not share the completed artworks, but just wait until the book is finished and out.  So, it's blurry because it's a phone photo, you get the idea though, right? I'm off to deliver art and visit with friends today.

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