Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cat Scratchin' Book Kickstarter Rewards!

Monday was my birthday! And also the day that the cats who will be the images on the rewards were chosen. At random. From a basket full of names. By the poet Miller Williams, with his wife Jordan looking on as 'judge'. I can't put this in the update at kickstarter because they have rules about raffles, contests and such associated with projects. I guess this picking of the cats might stretch those rules, and lord knows I hate breaking rules. But 'stretching' them? Not so much a problem for me. So, without too much more yakking, here's the cats--
For the image on the Postcard (which will be printed as a black and white line drawing that I will then, hand-color;  ROCKY G!  He's a large tabby boy out of Tennessee (born in Arkansas)
                                                           Rocky G

For the image on the Greeting Card; MAGGIE H!  She's a classic orange kitty with nice white markings.
                                                           Maggie H

For the image on the Fridge Magnet; TILLY B! She started out as Atilla because she was hostile with everyone. She grew into a sweet, loving cat and so she became a Tilly.
Tilly B
There you go. These may not be the specific photos I use to draw from, I just wanted to give you an idea what they look like. Now I've got to get to work on them so I can send them out for printing. I am glad and relieved that they are all so different. I must admit, I was worried for a minute that maybe they would all be Orange cats, or all Black cats, or fill in the blank, all the same color/type of cat.  But this worked out perfectly. And Miller and Jordan were lovely to help with the drawing of the names. If your cat was not picked, don't worry, they will still have a special place in the book, and in my head and heart. While working on the dog book I spent so much time with the photos and stories I felt like I knew all of them and their owners personally. I anticipate that happening with the cats as well. What a beautiful gift this is for me to be allowed to draw your beloved cats and tell their stories. Thank you!
If you are a backer and in the book and haven't gotten photos or stories to me, you still have time. I'll be drawing and doing edits for the next two months. Please, don't wait till the last moment though. I'll be pulling my hair out if you do. (and that's NOT pretty)

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