Saturday, February 16, 2013

Funding and Such

The kickstarter funding ended on Weds. I hopped in my truck and drove to Texas the next day.  Doing a lot of scratchboard classes for the rest of the month. Today's class at Casa De Linda in New Braunfels was excellent. Tomorrow I'll be at Jerry's Artarama in Austin from noon to 3 and then back at Casa Tuesday morning from 9 to noon.
I'm very happy with the dollar amount raised at the Cat Scratchin' kickstarter site, wanted to let y'all know that I'll continue to raise dollars via pledges to draw cats until mid-April. If you wanted to and didn't get in in time for the funding there, just contact me at and we'll get the ball rolling. I'm sitting in Austin Texas right now, happy with the weather and looking forward to seeing more friends. It's a good life.
If you are part of the project, don't worry you will hear from me in a few days with every bit of info you will need (and what I will need from you) Have a happy weekend!

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